We have everything to make a perfect application

About Us

Appteve is a mobile design and development studio for bold entrepreneurs. We are passionate. We are selective. We are driven. And, we don’t let any b.s. get in the way of making a great product. Some sell sizzle, we sell expertly cooked steak. We build serious apps for serious companies and entrepreneurs. The apps we build generate revenue and get featured in the app store.

Committed to the vision

Appteve exists because we want to believe in the work that we do. So, we fully commit to the vision of every project, and we will always challenge and push your idea as far as we can.

A passion for mobile

We live and breathe app development and we do it very well. We are focused on mobile, but we can help advise you on larger technical issues.

Do it right

We write native code. We believe in custom software, not hacks or pre-canned solutions. We take the hard road, and avoid shortcuts. We do it the right way. We believe in it.

Smooth operators

We push ourselves, our clients, and our code to finish on time and on budget. We also know that a startup needs flexibility. Our model is designed to give the process both rigor and fluidity.

Our Services

Mobile and apps are our passion. It’s what we do. We provide integrated client-side and server-side development with a focus on user experience, design, scalability, and long-term success. We don’t write a single line of code unless we believe in the vision and


With deep, focused expertise in both iOS and Android, we build exceptional mobile + wearable apps faster and better.


DWe’ve mastered the art of building scalable, reliable mobile APIs — the unsung heros of great mobile apps.


It’s easy to dream, but prioritizing what to build and making it truly special, is the tricky part. Our deep experience in mobile can help.