Elite app ( android vers.) User Guide

Thank you for interest in our products. We hope that you enjoy. We tried to make radio player to your radio with minimal settings and an elegant design.

So, to start, open the project in the Android Studio and find file Constants.java. Almost all the major application settings are in the file.



To begin, let’s change the basic settings:

String APP_NAME                            = "Elegant"; - Replace to your app name
String URL_RADIO_STREAM                    = ""; - replace your radio stream url

Application suuport iCecast and Shoutcast stream server

Application support url:

We strongly recommend that you use direct links to radio streams.
String SITE_URL                            = "http://appteve.com"; - replace link your radio site
String FACEBOOK_URL                        = "https://www.facebook.com/applemusic/"; - replace url your facebook profile or page
String YOUTUBE_URL                         = "https://www.youtube.com/user/simonscat"; - replace url your youtube channel
String DEFINE_SHARE_TEXT                   = "Download my best radio application. http://appteve.com"; - replace share text


Now let’s test the application. Next, set up your ads from showing in your application.

Change the design in the application is very simple.

First, we will change your logo

1) open progect folder and go to Drawable



Find file defi.png open with your like photoeditor, replace logo aand save the file without changing the name

Next , change color application

1) Open project and find file colors.xml



To change the color, you need to press 2x on the color box and choose a color.



Color applications configured in these lines

<color name="mainColor">#0d1d4d</color>  main app color
<color name="maskColor">#89000000</color> - mask color

Do not forget setting the color mask must be transparency otherwise you will not see the image blurred backgrounds

All questions about the application, you can ask on the support site.
Please go to http://help.appteve.com, login or signup and create new ticket
We are not correspond with users via email and in the comments on the product.

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